A brand’s identity is everything. Just like your personal appearance, it is the first impression you project to the outside world. And sadly one more excuse to judge people). So the brand’s identity is like the personal appearance of your business.

Brand Identity or Corporate Identity

What exactly is brand identity? Most people think it is just about the branding, the logo. And yes, logos are important, but there is so much more to corporate identity than that…

  • Message and values: Your brand or business needs to have some concrete values and messages. That is the idea you want to convey, to communicate with your target audience. How you communicate this message is as important as your brand’s appearance. Have you ever heard the quote “true beauty comes from within”? Well, brands are similar. However, nobody will listen to your message if the packaging is unappealing.
  • Branding and logos: Appearance, as you see here, comes second, and it is so much more than just a logo. Branding can include lots of elements from a Wordmark (typographic logo) to a Pictorial mark or an Abstract mark, or anything in between. But also styles and elements having to do with colours, typography, packaging design, social posts styles… All of the aforementioned is crucial to attracting the target audience.
  • Online presence: Does your physical location get crowded? Is it always empty? Whatever happens in there, it does not exist if you can’t find it on the interweb. Every day we get closer to an online society, with the internet and socials. Work on your SEO and you’ll experience the same growth corporations do. How? you may ask… Creating and curating real, honest content, according to your message and your branding. Each online post is a new opportunity to attract millions of clients. Take advantage of that! And stop reposting stuff nobody wants to see. Create the content people are eager to see.
  • Tie everything together: How many times have you seen a brand with a nice logo but a poor message? Or a cool product but an awful appearance? Or a great location but not a single entry on Google? Enough with making half the effort! If you want your brand to have a powerful identity work on each of these 4 points. Try to make each element a part of a bigger brand identity. It is then when you can invest some money in a marketing campaign to reach more people.