Touroperator landing page, Club América

The goal with this UI redesign was increasing our sales and tour estimate enquiries.  Research shows UX flaws to be addressed. We want our users to be able to find the right tour for them and save a copy of the tour details.

My role in this project: Product Design redesigning the touroperator’s tour offer landing pages.

Landing page sneak peek

Increasing sales by bringing clarity to tourism

The Challenge

Club América Touroperador, a tour operator selling to travel agencies has an outdated website. Tiny fonts, missmatched colors, tedious workflow…

Research shows flaws in UX: clients getting lost, too much information, lack of propper call to action buttons.

The Solution

A preliminary research to create an optimal workflow. Creation of a renewed UI, including a new CTA to improve UX.

New UI following the new design system created for both printed and multimedia displays. Simplifying the copy and creating some hierarchy in the itinerary details.


Identifying the key elements

Matrix showing the importance of elements for users and our travel agents. I decided to make itineraries the main focus and add a clear CTA.

To make it clearer an icon is added to the button text, as this is the most important action users take when visiting this page. We want them to easily download the offer to increase engagement and sales.

Creating an improved workflow


Improved workflow, minimizing the steps needed to take action. Itineraries, now the main focus, will always be displayed alongside with the offer details and the CTA button to increase engagement by allowing users to download a PDF with the tour’s information.

Results that exceed expectations​


After UI redesign


Before and after. UI redesigned following the new design system that is being implemented in the entire website and printed works. Fixed the existing UX flaws to create a better experience for our clients (travel agents). Improved readability and increased booking enquiries rates.

The redesign optimized and updated greatly our website. Our clients can access information easily and the newest changes have lead to increased enquiries and sales rates.
P. Iglesias
Sales & Marketing Manager